Therapy & Workshops

We are a team of qualified counsellors based in Cheadle Cheshire.
We also run courses and workshops for couple using. Imago relationship therapy

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a therapy or counselling cost?

Each therapist working at The Affinity Centre has their own pricing structure. Pricing can range from £30 - £100 per session depending on who you are working with.

For how long will I need to have therapy?

It's impossible to say. The length of time will depend on what you are coming to the Centre for and who you are working with. Some types of therapy, such as CBT, tend to be short-term. Psychotherapy tends to take longer. You will get a better idea of this in the initial consultation with Ian.

How will my therapist be allocated?

If you ring the Centre in office hours then one of our personal assistants will answer the phone and take brief details from you. Ian or Joanna, the Centre directors, will then ring you back at a convenient time to you and explore what your needs are and what sort of therapist will work best with you.

There may be a particular type of therapy that would suit your needs better or you may want to work specifically with a woman or a man. Once you are happy with the suggestions Ian or Joanna makes, they will contact the relevant therapist on your behalf and they will phone you directly to make an appointment.

It may also be that you have identified which therapist suits by referring to the Team section on this site. If so, please let Ian or Joanna know on the phone. If you do not want to ring the Centre, you can email us via our contact form.

Does the Centre have therapists that work with couples?

Yes. Several therapists at the Centre work with couples and there are several different styles of therapy available. Call the Centre and we will explore with you which type of couples therapy will fit you best.

Where is The Affinity Centre?

The Affinity Centre is in Cheadle.

Are all the therapists and counsellors at The Affinity Centre fully trained?

Some of the therapists at the Centre are working towards full qualification. This is not unusual in the psychotherapy world because becoming qualified can take around eight years of continual training and therapy practice. Ask in your initial interview if you have further questions about your particular therapist.