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Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Counselling

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Having counselling is a personal and profound event in the lives of the people who undergo this journey.  What you want from your counsellor  is someone who understands where you’ve come from and can make sense of the social context in which you live.

Be taken account of

Being gay, lesbian or bisexual is just another difference that is brought into the mix, but it is important that your sexuality is taken account of.  Gay, lesbian and bisexual individuals may have experienced oppression and had to live with the stigma that society puts on anyone who is different.  Having a therapist or counsellor who “gets” this and who can offer you the emotional and psychological support to deal with this can be an empowering and reaffirming experience.

Some common issues

I have worked with gay, lesbian and bisexual clients for many years.  Sometimes the issues brought to therapy are around sexuality.  It could be that the individual needs support coming out to their family or need to process what happened to them in their childhood around their sexuality.  I have helped individuals work out whether they are gay and explored with others what that means.

Gay Affirmative Therapy

More often than not the issues brought into therapy have nothing to do with sexuality at all, but it’s important for the client to know that I accept them wholly and fully as they are so they can talk about their partners or their relationship issues knowing that their therapist is gay affirmative.

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Take action now

If you are gay, lesbian or bisexual and you are looking for an understanding and supportive therapist why not give the centre a ring?  You can either work with me (Ian, trained by Pink Therapy) or a female member of The Affinity Centre team if that suits you better.  Just ring 0161 282 0259 for an appointment or use our contact form.