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We are a team of qualified counsellors based in Cheadle Cheshire.
We also run courses and workshops for couple using. Imago relationship therapy

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Couples Therapy

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What is Couples Therapy?

Couples Therapy is the process of working through your relationship difficulties with the support of a trained couples therapist.  This can help enormously to move your relationship through your stuck place and back into connection.

Does Couples Therapy Work?

Yes and no!  It depends whether you are willing to do the work and are available for change.  If you do not want to change the way you are behaving in the relationship and believe that your relationship is struggling because of your partner no amount of couples therapy will fix things, especially if your partner thinks the same.

Your therapist will not take sides or tell you who’s right or wrong, they will support you in talking to each other and help you to see your contribution to the mess.

Couples therapy works best if both partners are willing to own their part in the relationship difficulties and do something about it themselves.

How Much Does Couples Therapy Cost?

This really depends on which therapist you work with at The Affinity Centre.  We have therapists working in the daytimes and during the evenings so we should be able to find you a therapist quickly without any waiting.

Some therapists work over an hour and others up to 90 minutes so this will effect the price too.

Why Should I Come To The Affinity Centre for Couples Therapy?

The Affinity Centre is just one place you can look for couples therapy but we do have many well trained couples therapists working at the centre both in Cheadle and Wilmslow.  As Ian, the Director of the centre trains other therapists in Couples therapy and Imago Relationship Therapy, the centre has become well known in the area as a place good couples therapy can be had.

Do You Offer Same Sex Couples Therapy?

Yes.  Our couples therapists are well used to working with all types of diverse clients whether that be sexuality, religion, race, relationship preferences.  We offer a non-judgemental supportive atmosphere, all that matters is that you want to do the work.

Will Couples Therapy Help Us?

Hopefully.  Typical issues we get work with include;

Whatever your issue, the chances are that we can support you to see each other’s perspective and make better decisions.

If I Want Couples Therapy in Cheadle How Do I Make an Appointment?

Just ring us on 0161 282 0259 or use our contact form here.

We will get back to you fast and get you booked in with a couples therapist quickly.