Couples Therapy and Marriage Counselling

Common Issues That Are Brought To Couples Counselling

couples counselling marriage guidance wilmslow and cheadleYou might be struggling with:

  • lack of connection in your relationship
  • Constant arguing
  • an affair
  • uncertainty around wanting to be together
  • issues around the children
  • managing a blended family

These are all normal places to get stuck in your relationship and can be worked through.  Just call us on 0161 282 0259 or fill in this form and we will get you booked in and moving in the right direction once more.

We offer a range of approaches to helping you have a closer, more connected relationship.  These include:

The Affinity Centre - A Major Centre For Couples Counselling In The North West

The Affinity Centre is one of the major centres in the North West for Marriage Therapy and couples counselling.

We have trained Couples Therapists available in the day time and during the evening in Cheadle.

Ian Tomlinson, the Director of the Centre, is a trainer, workshop presenter and Advanced Imago Relationship Therapist. He plays a major role in The Imago Relationships Organisation internationally and works with the international training team, including Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt, to develop theory and practice in Imago.

There are a number of other Certified Imago Therapists at the centre, trained by Ian, and couples therapists trained in other modalities too.

Couples Intensives

Want to have change in your relationship fast?

Ian Tomlinson offers two day couples intensives equivalent to 8 weeks of couples therapy.

It's a quick way of fundamentally shifting your relationship.

Ian will help you decide what you want your relationship to look like and guide you in what you need to do to get there.  Read more by clicking here.

The Official 'Getting The Love You Want' Couples workshop

This two day psycho educational workshop offers you a fun and interesting way of understanding why you get stuck in your relationship and how you can get unstuck quickly.

It's not therapy, so you will not be expected to share your stuff.

What you will get is an opportunity to learn about each others childhoods, hopes and dreams and be taught a safe, effective way of communicating with each other that will shift your relationship to another level.  Read more about the workshop here.