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Where would you most likely need marriage help?

If you read the first article, there are a few places that marriages regularly struggle.  Let’s revisit these and explore ways in which you might improve things in your marriage

Feeling out of connection with each other.  If you feel out of connection with your partner the first step is to work out if there is a particular reason.  It could be one of the reasons below or something else that’s bothering you.  As a couples therapist in Cheadle  my belief is that you explore what’s going on for you with your partner.  Using Imago Dialogue is one way to do this safely and reflectively.

Kids. As we discussed in the first article, having kids, especially young ones or newborns can be exhausting.  Firstly, realise it’s normal to struggle.  It’s not much talked about before you have a child, but around 70% of all new parents need marriage help and rarely seek it.  Ease up on each other and understand that it’s normal for your other half to be short when they’re tired.  This time will pass and whilst shouting at your partner when you feel tired may feel a bit of a relief, it makes your relationship worse in the long run.

Work.  Work can be a problem if it takes over your life and reduces the time you can see your partner.  It’s not easy to put things aside if you have your boss breathing down your neck but planning time with your partner can become really important.  This might involve both you and your spouse booking time in your diary.  It’s not very spontaneous but often if you don’t plan it like you would a work commitment, it doesn’t happen.

Blended Families.  This is a tough one and I wouldn’t presume to offer you an answer to all the myriad potential challenges that could arise from being in a blended family.  What I would suggest once more is that you learn to talk about what’s going on for you in a safe connected way.  It’s not always about finding an answer but more about being willing to work together and explore possibilities.

Sex.  Research shows that the couples who have the most enjoyable and satisfying sexual relationships are willing to talk about sex with each other regularly.  The more open you are about your sexual needs the more you are likely to get the sex you want.  Dialogue can help enormously as it is a safe way to have a conversation about anything.

Money.  At the risk of boring you we are back to being willing to talk to each other about what’s going on for you in this again.  Back to dialogue or however else you can talk to your partner in a safe way and really hear what they have to say too.  Want an amazing piece of software that can help you plan your financial future together and get you out of debt?  Try You Need A Budget and work through it together.  It encourages adult conversations about money and can set targets for both of you that can be mutually agreed.

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Marriage Help Starts At Home

You can see from this article that if you are looking for marriage help then the most successful strategy whatever the issue is to learn to talk to each other in a safe way.  Imago Relationship Therapy can teach you both that skill and we now have several well trained couples therapists in Cheadle available to work with you.

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