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An Introduction to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

A Two-Day Course

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is a mindfulness-based behavioural model of psychotherapy that has two major goals:

Sounds simple. Through working with ACT, Ian Tomlinson has learnt what a powerful model it is to treat issues like anxiety, depression, intrusive thoughts, stress, anger, relationship issues and OCD.



What will I learn on this course?

Over the two day training you will learn about the six main components of ACT:

The course will also discuss how to connect with these components and bring them into your own life and work. Ian will  describe a simple model that brings all the components of ACT together in one, easy to understand diagram.

The course will be taught with a combination of discussion, group work and experiential learning. There will be plenty of opportunities to explore how the theory fits with your life and how you can apply it in context.

What qualifications will I need to attend the course?

None. If you have heard about ACT and want to learn more this course is a great place to start. You might want to learn about a different way of thinking about life because you have felt frustrated and stuck.

You might be a counsellor or therapist who has heard about the model and wants to know more and experience it yourself.

If you work with people or want a rich fulfilling life then this course is for you.

Ian will keep the technical jargon out and explain the theory in simple (but not simplistic) language.

Who delivers this training?

The course will be delivered by Ian Tomlinson PTSTA(P), the director of The Affinity Centre. Ian incorporates ACT into all his client work with individuals and couples. He is a UKCP registered Certified Transactional Analyst Psychotherapist and has two decades of teaching experience.

Ian combines TA and ACT effectively to provide a clear direction for his clients towards leading a rich fulfilling life.

Ian has trained in ACT extensively in London and has weekly ACT supervision to support his development in the model. He has seen the huge, rapid impact it can have on clients who feel ‘stuck’ and has experienced the impact that ACT has for himself.


Great Trainer

“Ian is a great trainer. A good mix of humour, exercises and theory. A very engaging course, relaxed and enjoyable.”
Jackie Bryan-Harris

More Testimonials
Looking forward to returning
"Really enjoyed learning with Ian, great facilitator. Looking forward to returning at some point in the future."
Lorna Wilson
Very effective
"I found the Introduction to ACT course very effective. Ian was clear and engaging."
Danila D'Errico
Great balance of theory and practice
"I found the course was really helpful at developing my knowledge of ACT. Ian has a great, engaging delivery style that helps make the information accessible. Great balance of theory and practice, plus good use of learning aids."
Donna Harrison
Hard to improve on
"I think what was done in the two days would be hard to improve on."
Hannah Harris
Really well paced and explained
"Thank you Ian - I've found the two days really enjoyable. A great blend of theory and practice, really well paced and explained. Felt comfortable and able to integrate ACT for both me and clients."
Marianna Urdhin
Calm, pleasant and approachable
"Ian was an excellent facilitator. Clearly very knowledgable, but not intimidating with it. Calm pleasant and approachable.He made the course content accessible and easy to understand, even though I had never done anything with ACT before. Would definitely recommend."
Katie Halstead
Well taught and very well structured
"Really informative, well taught and very well structured."
Jayne Humphreys
"A good comprehensive introduction to ACT that encourages you to want to learn more."
Sheila Shelvey - therapist
"Fantastic - well organised, clear objectives and Ian has a way of putting everyone at ease"
Georgina Speake -
Great introduction to ACT
"Very interesting and informative course. Great introduction to ACT with lots of useful ideas that can be integrated into current practice."
Catherine Andrew -
Easy to access and understand
"Ian delivers the material in a way that is easy to access and understand, with a good use of theoretical framework and practical exercises."
Katie Warren
A refreshing approach
"A fantastic introduction to ACT with a perfect combination of theory and opportunities to use the techniques introduced. A refreshing approach which I am looking forward to using in my practice."
Dr Rachael King - therapist
Fantastic tools to help people with
"Great course and fantastic tools to help people with."
Stephen Renwick -
Clearly communicated and demonstrated
"The key concepts of ACT were clearly communicated and demonstrated. There was time and space to ask questions and it felt like a safe environment."
Gill Wier - therapist
Great trainer and very welcoming
"I thoroughly enjoyed this introductory course to ACT. Ian is a great trainer and delivers the material with sensitivity and humour. Lovely comfortable premises. I felt very welcome."
Rachel Morris -
"I found the ACT course inspiring, enlightening and extremely useful both personally and professionally. I went on the course two weeks ago and I have already successfully used the principles within my counselling practice and in my personal life. Thank you so much."
Alison Yates, Counsellor
Warm and friendly
"Ian Tomlinson is to be highly commended in his deliverance of ACT basic training. I found the course informative and it was delivered in a warm friendly manner by Ian. I have had positive feedback from clients when integrating the skills learned into my practice."
Catherine Glenister, Counsellor
Easy to understand
"Ian's two-day ACT course was better than I could have hoped for. Ian has a way of delivering the material that makes it easy to understand and I found him to be knowledgeable friendly and approachable. I have already started to use ACT in my therapy practice with great results. Thanks Ian!"
Michelle Bradley, Counsellor
"Thank you Ian for another very interesting and informative course. I have found ACT useful already and have introduced it within the existential work I do with some clients. I think the two go well together."
Lyn Tonks, Counsellor
Stimulating and enjoyable
"Ian's ACT training was engaging and professionally delivered, with comprehensive notes I believe it is a vital part of our work as therapists to remain curious about and explore different ways of working. Whether that gives us a new way of looking at or working with our clients, or ourselves. This was a stimulating and enjoyable course."
Elaine Wearing, Counsellor
An excellent workshop
"I thoroughly enjoyed my two days training with Ian. His presentation style is relaxed and clear, and the ACT model very understandable. I found ACT theory was very easy to overlay onto my usual model of TA, and it gave me some great new ideas to integrate into my work. Overall, an excellent workshop."
Hayley Jepson, Psychotherapist
"If you are looking to expand your skills and knowledge as a therapist and you would like to take some time out using mindfulness, I would highly recommend this course. It was well delivered with a variety of theory, practice and personal development. Within 3 days of attending the course I have already started to use some of the knowledge gained for my personal development, in my private practice and with a supervisee. Brilliant Ian and thank you."
Tracy Bond, counsellor
Immediately useful - Loved it!
"A brilliant introduction to ACT , full of practical and immediately useful tools and techniques - loved it!"
Comprehensive and fun
"Comprehensive, inspiring and not to forget - fun!"
"A fantastic introduction to ACT. Big and powerful concepts coupled with practical exercises which can benefit oneself and one's patients."
Highly recommended
"Highly recommended. I look forward to taking this back into my practice and my life."
Would recommend to any therapist
"Really enjoyed the Introduction to ACT and would recommend it to any therapist. It gives you theory and practical exercises in an experiential way. Thank you."
Brilliant course, supportive environment
"Brilliant course, really informative and an open, supportive environment created by both Ian and other attendees. Something that I will be using regularly in my work and in my own life."
Great Trainer
"Ian is a great trainer. A good mix of humour, exercises and theory. A very engaging course, relaxed and enjoyable."
Jackie Bryan-Harris


Venue: The Affinity Centre Cheadle.

Next dates:  26th and 27th February 2024

Times: 9.30am – 4.00pm each day

Cost: £300

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