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We are a team of qualified counsellors based in Cheadle Cheshire.
We also run courses and workshops for couple using. Imago relationship therapy

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Couples Counselling In Manchester

Having couples counselling in Manchester can be a great way to save your relationship if things are not going well.  At The Affinity Centre there are several therapists who work with couples regularly.  You can choose what sort of therapist and what sort of style would suit you and your partner best.

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Relationship Counselling

The more traditional type of relationship counselling is where you and your partner sit with the therapist or counsellor and discuss what is going on for you.  It may be that you are struggling to communicate, you may be arguing far too often or life circumstances may have changed.  It’s common for couples who have just had children to find things more challenging in the relationship or work issues may be encroaching into the relationship.

Your counsellor will be used to dealing with all of these issues and have the experience to help you both explore what’s going on in your relationship.

Imago Relationship Therapy

Ian Tomlinson, the Director of The Affinity Centre, is a trained Imago Relationship therapist.  He has undergone over 100 hours training specifically to work with couples.  Imago Relationship Therapy is different to the more traditional type of couples counselling because the focus is very much on communication between the couple rather than focusing on the therapist.  You will talk to each other with Ian helping you to express what’s really going on for you in a safe, structured format.

There is a set way that communication happens between the couple in Imago Relationship Therapy, called Imago dialogue.  The dialogue process gives space for you both to really explore the issues you have and ensures that your partner hears you clearly.  It’s a technique that you can take home with you, meaning you can continue the progress you are making in therapy at home without input from the therapist.

Do Things Differently To Get A Different Response

Imago is a different way of communicating; if you are going to do the same in your relationship you are going to get the same response.  Imago shifts this and has an impact quickly.  Oprah Winfrey lists Harville Hendrix, the originator of Imago Relationship Therapy, as one of her all time top ten favorite guests and has used Imago Relationship Therapy in her own relationship (check out her website here).

Gay And Lesbian Couples Counselling

Same sex couples face some of the same challenges as opposite sex couples but also face some different ones too.  Equally, lesbian couples and gay men have their own issues.  Ian Tomlinson is an experienced couples therapist and has worked with gay and lesbian couples extensively.  He has trained with Pink Therapy in London and fully understands the social context, problems and challenges same sex couples face.  Phone 0161 282 0259 now to make an appointment.

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Whatever Your Issue – Take Action

The average time people wait to deal with problems in their relationships is six years!  By this time the problem can be so deep rooted that it is hard to resolve.  If you are having relationship issues then the best thing you can do is take action and phone The Affinity Centre to make an appointment on 0161 282 0259.  Do something about it.  Therapy does cost both time and money but it is much cheaper than an divorce, both financially and emotionally.  If you would rather use our contact form click here.