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Why The Two of You Will Never Agree on What Happened

This article discusses relationships.  Take a moment to reflect on your last argument with your partner. Were you in the right?   Do you think your partner was telling the truth about a particular situation? Colleen Morris  discusses how when emotions are running high your body actually has a physical stress response called  “fight-flight-freeze”.  She explains that there is an area in our brain called the hippocampus which is temporarily shut off. As a consequence this makes it difficult for us to then order the events in an around a crisis because this area in our brain is bypassed. So both people in the argument think they have their facts right because  they believe that what they saw or experienced was absolutely real. This can of course lead to an argument increasing in intensity  and getting out of control. Colleen is a couples therapist and she then offers sound advice on how to resolve  these arguments. Guess what folks..   the first step is down to you…..

Colleen Morris