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What is Stress Coaching?

Stress coaching is used by many people to help manage their stress more effectively rather than it paralysing us from leading a more fulfilled and happier life. You may be a successful business person, father/mother, teacher, unemployed, have too much time on your hands or too little time on your hands. Whatever your circumstances, the truth of the matter is that stress affects us all, with it sometimes having a crippling impact upon our relationships, our health, the way that we think, behave and work.

The role of a stress coach should not be confused with a counsellor, and so a coach will not search for deep seated underlying meanings to your stress. Instead, it is focussed, goal specific and results orientated, providing constructive information and advice in relation to your stress. Stress coaching will also offer you the essential support, guidance and motivation so that it empowers you to begin to make the changes that you want in your life.

What will happen when I am coached?

The first session will be a consultation – so that we gain an understanding of what is happening with you, what your stressors are and to formulate an action plan for the following sessions. You will also begin to understand how stress impacts your body and will be provided with a range of relaxation techniques to help de-stress yourself. Each session is themed and will address your stress and how you can begin to change it.

We will discuss each theme in detail, giving you an opportunity to tackle your stressors. By the end of each session, we will have jointly formulated what you would like to address and achieve by the following week. This goal setting is a crucial aspect of the coaching, and so we make sure that you are realistic with your goal setting. We address any anxieties about your goals so that you feel totally motivated and empowered to complete each task.

Will stress coaching benefit me?

Yes is the simple answer, but as we know things aren’t as simple as they seem. So in order to get the benefit from stress coaching, I would say that you need to make a few pledges with yourself to guarantee success.

Firstly, commit to the process. Initially, it may seem like a daunting path to step onto, and that is the reason why your stress coach will be emphathic, listen to you, support and guide you whilst you embark upon making these potential life changes. You will find that as each session progresses you will look forward to learning more and seeing what changes you can make.

Secondly, try your best. When you truly and honestly have given stress coaching your best shot and put as much effort and energy that you can give, then I can confidently say that you will see results.

Thirdly, you are reading this because you want to know how to deal with your stress more effectively. The facts and figures are evident that stress coaching does work and has helped many people. So the third bit of advice would be to make the decision. You will find many reasons why you shouldn’t do the coaching: I’ve not got the time, I can’t afford it, I’m too busy with work, I haven’t got the energy to do it.  It’s amazing how our comfort zone kicks in when we start to think about change. So, I would advise that you step out of your comfort zone for 5 weeks and be amazed at what you can achieve when you say yes to stress coaching.

If you want to find out more about stress coaching, then call the centre on 0161 282 0259