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The Psychology Behind How Clothing Influences How People See You At Work

Not sure what to put on for another day at work?  Some of us have to wear uniforms and have no choice, for the rest the decision could influence the way people perceive you.  Christian Jarrett explains the psychology behind your clothing in this interesting and amusing article.  He looks into various studies that show what you wear does make a huge difference about how people think of you.

For example, a lab coat has the power to improve the wearers attention span and focus during tasks, but only if it is perceived as a scientists lab coat.  Tell the participants that exactly the same item is a painter’s jacket and it has no impact at all!

People who wear smart, powerful dress get served quicker in shops and restaurants and, surprisingly, teachers who dress like their students are more effective having their instructions followed.

Read the full article and the research behind it by clicking the link below.