Emma Teasdale

Emma TeasdaleCounselling, Psychotherapy, Individuals, Couples, Relationship Breakup Coaching, Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Coaching.

Emma works with individuals and couples from her own private practice at The Affinity Centre. Emma offers Person Centred Counselling and Transactional Analysis for short term and long term therapy.
Emma also offers Relationship Breakup and Divorce Coaching offering practical and emotional support for individuals
For relationships that have been abusive, particularly narcissistic abuse or coercive control, the Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Coaching programme is there to support individuals moving forward towards recovery.

My Philosophy

I believe that all people can find happiness and contentment that is naturally found within themselves but at times is difficult to access due to the demands of life and difficult circumstances that arise. At times, our past experiences have hindered us reaching our full potential and help is needed to move on from old patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviours.
My therapy and coaching sessions offer a safe place to express and explore yourself in confidential and non-judgemental setting in order to facilitate the change that you wish to make. My role is to support and help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your relationship with others and to work through difficult situations. Many clients feel a sense of being stuck and my aim is to offer guidance and insight at all stages of adult life. I also have clients that just want to talk and to be heard which is empowering and cathartic for the client.

My Approach

I see individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds, age and life stages. I offer an integrative approach of person centred counselling, Transactional Analysis and Coaching to meet the individual clients needs and issues. These techniques enable myself as the therapist to explore and support the client in having a deeper understanding of themself and how they relate to others. At the heart of the therapy sessions is empathy, compassion and connection. By facilitating a non-judgemental, empathic relationship with the client while gaining deep shared knowledge, the client is able to move towards greater fulfilment.


I use a combination of Transactional Analysis and Coaching techniques in order for the couple to understand their own personality and to understand their partners. Many of us have a different types of personality and needs to our partner and these can either compliment or clash. Once a couple start to hit problems in their relationship the results can be varied, growing apart, affairs, conflict or different views on parenting. My therapy sessions will have build not only understanding of each other creating better communication, but most importantly empathy and conflict resolution. By using coaching techniques positive plans for the future of the relationship can be made.

Relationship Breakup and Divorce Coaching

I believe that relationship breakup, separation and divorce should never be taken lightly, especially where children are involved. Regret can be difficult to live with so it is important to be sure.
If you do however find yourself in a position whereby you are either planning to leave, have left or going through a separation or divorce, I can assist both practically and emotionally with the process and regaining a new life. Co-parenting can also be a contentious issue during separation and talking difficulties through can lead to solutions.
Relationship breakup and especially divorce is considered the 2nd most stressful life event and often clients need help with bereavement and loss, even when the breakup is amicable. The breakup can also be worse if it high conflict or if the relationship has been abusive and more support is required to build self confidence and find yourself again.
Whether your relationship is short or long term, amicable or high conflict or you are considering ending the relationship, my coaching can support each individual scenario and offer coaching to get you through a tough time.
(NB: I do not offer legal advice)

Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Coaching (including coercive control)

Unfortunately narcissism is on the rise and therefore there are more report of abuse from toxic behaviours within relationships. Narcissistic abuse can come from many sources; parents, siblings, spouses and partners and bosses. As all people are on the narcissistic spectrum ranging from healthy narcissism to toxic narcissism, I do not diagnose narcissistic personality disorder, instead I am there to support you recover from any abuse you have been subject to by a toxic or malignant narcissist.
You may still be questioning whether the significant person is narcissistic by trawling the internet looking for traits, or you may have left the relationship and dealing with the fallout. Planning to leave a narcissistic relationship need to be planned properly, especially when you will be co-parenting.

Some of the symptoms of narcissistic abuse are:
• Confusion
• No longer recognise yourself
• Anxiety and/or depression
• Hypervigilance
• Intrusive thoughts
• Anger and loss of emotional control
• Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD)
• Walking on eggshells
• Self blaming and lowered boundaries

It is important that a coach or therapist has awareness of narcissistic abuse otherwise clients can be made to feel worse through unintentional victim blaming. This coaching programme will be carried out with full understanding of the issues of narcissistic abuse.

Programme length – 9-12 months

Further Information

I am a BACP-registered therapist and abide by a strict ethical code of practise and framework for counselling and psychotherapy
I am a Relationship Breakup and Divorce Coach including Narcissistic Abuse.
I am certified in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Eating Disorders (CBT-E)
I have a BA (Hons) and PGDip in European Philosophy