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We are a team of qualified counsellors based in Cheadle Cheshire.
We also run courses and workshops for couple using. Imago relationship therapy

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Fine Tune Your Relationship – 5 Relationship Audit Areas

Are you in a  long term relationship?  If so are you perhaps taking your partner for granted?  Dr Alice Boyes acknowledges that if you are in a good long term relationship it’s easy to get complacent and begin to take things for granted. In this article for  Psychology Today she  poses a few questions to help you get back on track and stay connected with your loved one.   She begins on  a positive note by asking what’s going well in your relationship right now before she focuses in on the more negative things that might be going on!

If you are having relationship problems  we are here to help. Having couples counselling can be a great way to save your relationship if things are not going well.  At The Affinity Centre there are several therapists who work with couples regularly.  You can choose what sort of therapist and what sort of style would suit you and your partner best. You can  phone the Affinity Centre to make an appointment on 01625 529099.

Fine Tune Your Relationship – 5 Relationship Audit Areas | Psychology Today.