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Debunked: ‘Right-Brain’ and ‘Left-Brain’ Personalities

There are a lot of theories out there about ‘right-brain’ and ‘left-brain’ personalities. Did you know that there is an assumption that people who allegedly use the right side of their brain more are said to be more creative. ‘Left-brain’ people are supposed to be more logical and analytical.

A study carried out by Nielsen et al., 2013   looked at functional magnetic resonance imaging scans (fMRI) of over 1000 subjects to see if there was more activity in the left or right side of the brain while the test subjects were asked to think about nothing in particular.  They found no evidence that neither  side of the brain was more connected in comparison to the opposite side in any of the participants.

So what does this mean?  Whatever your personality whether you are particularly creative, or whether you tend to be more logical and analytical  it’s your whole brain that enables these gifts not just one side of it!