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8 Lessons Learned From a Failed Mountain Climb

Steve Kamb  writes about what he has learnt from his recent mountain adventure in typical rebel fashion. His website is all about leveling up your life and this article is no exception. He takes us  through the lessons learnt with great insight and honesty.

The one goal he had for his weekend trip was to make it to the top of the mountain but he failed. They only made it half way. However  he says ”halfway up a mountain is still a million times better than not attempting to climb the mountain at all”.

He compares this to our efforts in life. Even if you fail sometimes, think about how far you have come from doing nothing, whether that be eating more healthily, getting fitter or thinking positively for example. Just like climbing a mountain, through your journey of ‘leveling up your life’  you will learn a lot about what you are capable of  and how you can better prepare for the next attempt.