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We are a team of qualified counsellors based in Cheadle Cheshire.
We also run courses and workshops for couple using. Imago relationship therapy

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15 Mental Fitness Tips

In her regular blog Dr Deb a pyschologist and practicing psychoanalyst gives us 15 tips to help us manage our mental health. The first three are very simple ones that we often seem to have to be reminded to do. These include  taking time to relax, being less hard on ourselves and eating properly. However  when feeling stressed or when  suffering from depression they can often be the things that we neglect.

She also talks about the skill of learning to say ‘no’ and of learning to adapt and go with change rather than resisting it. Her final tip is another challenging one; to ask for help. There is a lot of useful advice here which could be overwhelming; perhaps start with one or two of the tips and slowly add in others as you make changes.  Good luck!