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10 Signs Of A Healthy Relationship

Relationships can be quite complex!  Swati Chauhan begins her article with this huge understatement but then redeems herself with some ideas (if rather  ideal in places) of what makes a successful happy relationship.

As she points out people grow and change over time and relationships have to adapt to those changes but there  are some trademark characteristics that couples in healthy and fulfilling relationships display in common. These are such things as emotional independence, the ability to argue productively,  the fact that you bring out the best in each other and enjoy and have fun in each others company. The final one is all about commitment; that you are in it for the long haul; committed to make it work and to  last.

If you think that your relationship needs some help to get back on track, then having couples counselling can be a great way to save your relationship if things are not going well.  At The Affinity Centre there are several therapists who work with couples regularly.  You can choose what sort of therapist and what sort of style would suit you and your partner best.

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