Feel Better, Sooner Through Therapy

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Whatever difficulties you’re going through; you can speed up your healing process and feel better, sooner with the help of the experienced therapists at The Affinity Centre, Wilmslow.

Whether you’re an individual, a couple or part of a group, we provide a safe and private environment where you can speak freely and receive confidential therapy.

Difficulties are normal and change is possible

It’s normal to have difficult periods in your life, everybody does, and it’s how you choose to manage those difficulties that can define your future happiness and well-being.

Therapy and counselling can provide real support and genuine understanding when you need it most, allowing you to benefit from a different and experienced perspective. As you spend time with your Affinity therapist you’ll begin to realise that whatever you’re going through, it’s possible to change and we’ll support you every step of the way.

Whatever you’re experiencing, we can help:

Our promise to you

At the Affinity Centre you’ll be welcomed into warm and inviting rooms providing a safe and completely private space for you and your therapist. You can be certain that you will be accepted for who you are, you will not be judged and that nothing you say will shock.

As well as being friendly and experienced, our team of therapists and counsellors are fully trained; insured and registered, ensuring you receive the best quality support and professionalism. That’s our promise to you. To enquire about therapy or to make a booking, simply call us on 01625 529 099.

Arranging therapy is easy…

For many, seeking therapy is a completely new and somewhat daunting task, so to make it all crystal clear – here’s what happens when you get in touch:

Ring the centre in office hours on 01625 529 099 and you’ll be greeted by Cathy, the Affinity Centre Personal Assistant, who’ll take some brief details from you.

You’ll then receive a call from Ian, the Centre Director, who’ll explore your needs and match one of the Affinity therapists to your individual circumstances. Once you’re happy with Ian’s suggestion he’ll contact the relevant therapist on your behalf and they’ll phone you directly to make an appointment.

You’re in charge here, so you’re free to choose a therapist yourself and if you’d prefer to email us instead of calling Cathy – you can use this short form.

If you have any questions about therapy and counselling please feel free to call us or take a look through our FAQ page.

Giving you more me-time

The Affinity team is dedicated to helping you change your life for the better, leaving you much happier and more relaxed. To achieve this we provide a range of services designed to boost all aspects of your physical and emotional life.

We have expert consultants in various areas, including:

Psychotherapy and counselling are just two of the many services at Affinity, all of which are designed to liberate, empower and give you an entirely positive experience. You can find out more about all of our Centre services here.

Whatever difficulties you are facing, our team of experienced psychotherapists and counsellors are here to help. To get started with your healing, call Cathy today on 01625 529 099 or use the quick contact form.

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