What’s Behind Your Mask of Fear?

Gail Brenner in a series of blogs about fear especially for Halloween, begins with a quote:

“Fear is the cheapest room in the house.  I would like to see you living in better conditions.”  ~Hafiz

She urges us to get out the pumpkins and bring on the ghosts. I’m not sure about the ghosts, but we’ve already done the first one in readiness. Three pumpkins are waiting to be carved and have already been given names by the kids; Giant Gary, Big Barry and Little Larry!  On a more serious note Gail begins by talking about fearful thoughts; just because a thought appears it doesn’t mean its true. Her words are wise and she also writes about her own experience with anxiety and fear. Definitely worth a read.

What’s Behind Your Mask of Fear? | Gail Brenner | Gail Brenner.


Ian Tomlinson

I am the Director of the Affinity Centre and provide therapy and counselling in Wilmslow for straight and gay individuals and couples. My intention is to support you in making the changes you want in your life so you can feel happier, more contented and at peace in the world.

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