The Mindfulness of Sherlock Holmes

Are you enjoying the current series of Sherlock on our screens at the moment? Have you read Sir Arthur Conan Doyles collection of stories about this unique detective? I really recommend them.

Jeremy McCarthy describes Holmes as a different kind of superhero; one who uses the power of his mind rather than his physical prowess to battle the criminals.  But what has this to do with mindfulness I hear you ask!

In Mastermind: How to Think like Sherlock Holmes, author Maria Konnikova delves into the mystery of Holmes’ incredible insight.  She sums it up in one word; Mindfulness.

Why not take a look at the article about how she came to this conclusion and how we can put Sherlocks techniques  into practice in our own lives.

The Mindfulness of Sherlock Holmes | The Psychology of Wellbeing.


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