Melanie Long

Melanie Long
  • Counsellor

I am a fully qualified counsellor and registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). I work to high professional standards and have my clients best interest at heart.

My Philosophy

We can’t control some of the situations we face in our lives, but I believe we can control how we cope and deal with them and how we let them affect our thoughts and emotions. I believe clients have their own strengths and resources that can be drawn on to help them manage their everyday struggles.

Whether you have had counselling before or this is your first time, I welcome you into my sessions with a genuine care for your wellbeing.

My Approach

I like to think of myself as being real, so there will be no counselling jargon in my sessions. I am down to earth, calm and non-judgemental. I also bring humour into my sessions, when appropriate, making our time together as relaxing and beneficial as possible.

As an integrative counsellor, I believe in tailoring my approach to meet the needs of each individual client. I like working differently with clients as I don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ attitude. We are all unique and deserve to be recognised and respected for who we are. What helps one client wont necessarily help the next. I work with each client in ways I believe are right for them and can offer them the most peace.

I strive to gain a mutual respect with my clients. I am open and honest and encourage my clients to be the same. I believe the more my clients put into their sessions, the more rewarding the outcome can be.

Who I Work With

I work with all individual clients, over 18 years of age.

My Motivation

My own personal experience of counselling in my early 20’s encouraged me to help others.

I like to put hope back into people’s lives, hope that things can be better.

I am extremely passionate about my job, there is nothing more rewarding. Watching the change in my clients, no matter how small, really makes my job worthwhile. I feel truly privileged in my role and I get a real sense of purpose in my life from being a counsellor. Time spent with all my clients is precious and I consider it an honour to be part of their therapeutic journey.

Further Information

My sessions are 50 minutes, on a weekly basis.

I charge £45 a session.

I would usually recommend a minimum of 6 sessions.

Payment by cash on the day.

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