Erika 3Erika is a fully qualified and UKCP accredited Integrative Psychotherapist & Counsellor. She has worked in several mental health organisations and charities with issues such as depression, anxiety, loss & bereavement, sexual identity, trauma, domestic violence and sexual abuse.

Erika has a diverse professional background – she spent 10 years managing her own translation and interpretation consultancy working with local communities and businesses as well as global corporations based in Slovakia before moving to the UK. She spent 10 years in London working in a variety of HR roles in financial services before she retrained and qualified as a counsellor & psychotherapist. She has been in clinical practice since 2013 working in a number of mental health services.

My Philosophy

Talking is good for us and in certain situations it is needed. It is not easy, and it can be overwhelming and challenging to take the first step, to admit that we may need help and to reach out for it. When we do, it can lead to new perspectives, improvements and desired change that can have a positive impact on all areas of our life.

Counselling and psychotherapy offer confidential, safe, supportive and non-judgmental space, a therapeutic relationship, in which we explore your thoughts and feelings, make sense of them, find a way to move forward more positively and learn new tools and healthy coping strategies along the way.

My Approach

I am an integrative psychotherapist, this means that I combine a number of psychological and psychotherapeutic theories and approaches – psychodynamic, person-centred, developmental and attachment theory, body-mind integration and inter-personal or relational therapy – and I
tailor them to the individual needs of each client I work with.

I am passionate about diversity and I offer an LGBTQ inclusive space.

Who I Work With

I work with anyone over the age of 18 who struggles with an aspect of life or of themselves.

Some of the issues I work with frequently are depression, anxiety, stress, relationships, bereavement and loss, physical symptoms linked with emotional difficulties, work related stress, personal issues and spirituality.

I have a personal interest in working and understanding more about our relationship with our bodies, size and shape and how this manifests in our relationship to eating and food, especially when trauma is present.

My Motivation

My interest in human psychology stems from my personal as well as generational struggles that get passed on from family to family. I wanted to understand how to “get rid” of the suffering and what I learned through years of therapy, training and self-development was that the pain is part of my story and when I embrace it and integrate it into myself I am able to move forward more freely and positively and find meaning and connection – to myself and to others.

Brene Brown, one of my favourite social scientist and researchers says: “When we deny our stories, they define us. When we own our stories, we get to write a brave new ending.”
The fact that you are reaching out says that you are trying to find a way to own your story and write a new ending and I am here to join you in that process.

Further Information

I offer short-term and long-term weekly sessions. Sessions last for 50 mins and are held generally at the same time and day.

How many sessions you have depends on you and what you would like to work on and achieve. You will start noticing a difference in yourself if the process is working for you, some people quite quickly, some slower. Blocks of 6-8 sessions work well, we do a regular review after 6-8 sessions and we discuss what works, what doesn’t, whether you would like to continue and what the next goal is.

Currently I have availability on Thursdays in Wilmslow.