Counselling, couples counselling and psychotherapy

Christina is experienced and fully qualified in Psychotherapy and Counselling. She is a registered- member, with the B.A.C.P. She has an extensive background working with individuals, couples and families within health and social care. She spent over 12 years working in substance use and misuse.

Since 2000 she has worked in various settings including a G.P practice, hospital and domestic violence unit, Sure Start Centre, specialised clinics, prisons and probation.

She has worked in private practice since 2012

My Philosophy

There are occasions in life when you may feel overwhelmed, low mood or like you want to change something. I believe seeking out therapy is the first step to enable you to make sense of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Therapy offers a safe space for you and at your own pace to build a trusting therapeutic relationship. Safely enabling you to understand how you relate to others. This can help you recognise, behavioural patterns that may be having a negative impact.

Through the therapeutic relationship you can also gain understanding of your impulses, anxieties, addictions, passivity, irritations, angers or irrational behaviours, how these impact on your emotions, as your emotional well-being is important, the impact on self, family and outside relationships too. Through personal therapy you can acquire new insight to make new decisions that may help you move in the direction you choose.

My Approach

I am Person Centred and Transactional Analysis trained and I have knowledge and expertise in addiction as I spent over 12 years working in substance misuse. I combine these approaches to suit the need of the individual. We can work together to get to know each other to identify patterns that are currently not supportive to self. Using the models that are best suited from these modalities to get the best outcome for you. We do this by exploring thoughts, feelings and behaviours that become apparent through the therapeutic relationship, to enable you to choose your own direction by re-evaluating the effectiveness of them on yourself.

I use Imago Relationship Therapy in my work with couples. Imago is a theory of relating where the couples safety and connection is paramount to this approach. It uses a way of communication which is very structured to enable the couple to discuss the most difficult aspects of their relationship, as well as celebrating the positive connection in their relationship. This enables you as a couple to also take this way of communicating outside the therapy room, finding the precious time in busy lives to nurture your relationship.

Who I Work With

I have an inclusive approach and I am passionate about working with both individuals and couples, whom maybe feeling stuck or challenged by their here and now circumstances. Then have considered taking a different direction and require a safe space to reflect and make a new decision.

I have worked with a number of issues over time and have an open and honest approach. These have included Addiction, anxiety, depression, self- esteem. I also appreciate that it can be difficult for some individuals to trust and understand it can take time to open up to someone. I trust you will know what you want to share.

My Motivation

I have a passion for working with individuals and couples. I am both privileged and humbled to be a therapist. I bring my own limitations and will own them honestly within my work. I will stay in your process and show compassion to your individual circumstances.

I know everyone has their own personal story and journey in their life and I have a healthy interest and curiosity in individual life paths. Seeing your own self-reflection on how you would do things differently. Also uncovering and seeing you apply new decisions and make appropriate changes that encourage a different outcome. Seeing how you own and utilise your own ability to make a desired change at your own pace.