Carol Maynard

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Carol works with adults who are stuck and who would like to get unstuck in order to have a different life ahead of them. She is open and compassionate with a relaxed and authentic approach and is passionate about helping clients understand why they are how they are and to let go of hindering experiences, emotions and memories. Carol is in Advanced Training in Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy and began a 4 year Diploma at The Manchester Institute for Psychotherapy in 2016. She has a particular interest in psychosomatic body therapy.  Having previously worked in a pressurised office job she has an appreciation of working in challenging business environments.

My Philosophy

Everyone has a story and sometimes that story becomes too much. I’ve had experience of this myself. I know it can take courage to come to therapy and go against a previous belief that you can sort out your own problems and that there is often a misguided stigma around it. My opinion is that mental health care is a priority and that there’s not enough awareness or understanding around it in society and so I make sure my approach is personable and accessible. It also doesn’t just have to be for when things hit rock bottom. I believe I should take responsibility my personal growth and as such continue with my own personal therapy and also that a connection between client and therapist is key to successful therapy, so understand it is for you to sense if that is there.

My Approach

I base my work around Transactional Analysis and Integrative Psychotherapy for individuals and IMAGO for couples My individual therapy approach is to help you understand why you think, feel, act and respond the way you do. The sessions may involve paying attention to body sensations, considering health issues, being aware of feelings & emotions, being curious about current & repetitive behaviour, considering thoughts & beliefs, looking at events & experiences from childhood through to current day, mindfulness or it may entail just talking. With couples it is about communication and understanding how to be together.

I have a particular interest in psychosomatic body therapy and the belief that all experiences and emotions are stored in the body. I am also interested in the different levels of and effects of trauma and plan to have continued training in both areas.

Ultimately I believe effective therapy is a journey as opposed to an event but also that it can go at different paces with different paths and it may be that you come along for a while and then return at a later date.

Who I Work With

I work with adults and here are some of the areas that I may be able to help you with; family & childhood issues, health concerns, body aches & pains, eating problems, depression, anxiety, stress & anger difficulties, relationship issues, low self esteem, extreme emotions, divorce & separation, shame, difficulties with sexuality, work related problems, existential dilemmas or just not feeling right. If there is anything else you are stuck with we can talk about it and see if I am the right therapist for you.

My motivation initially came from being stuck myself and knowing how tough it can be. This also included experiencing bodily aches and pains that physiotherapy was unable to heal. I had a desire to give people the same opportunity I had to experience therapy, to understand their own story, to experience that release and to improve their well-being. I found out about a brilliant course and decided to begin training. My motivation remains to keep learning and developing and to be the best therapist I can be for my clients. Part of this is continuing to have personal therapy myself. Seeing how clients have changed continues to fuel that desire and motivation, it’s incredibly special to go on that journey with them and I feel very privileged to be able to do so.

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