Mental Health Awareness in the Music Industry

Mental health awareness in the music industry courseA post by Rachel Jepson

When I founded Counselling For Musicians in 2017 there was no dedicated counselling service for the music industry. There are wonderful charities who address mental health and signpost people, but nothing specifically for counselling. As a musician and counsellor, I’m passionate about mental health and saw this as a massive gap in the industry.

I’m fortunate enough to be invited to travel all over the country and sit alongside some very interesting and wonderful people. I’m so often asked if there’s a course for people to educate themselves about the issues surrounding mental health in the music industry.

There wasn’t, and I’m happy to say that now there is.

Mental Health Awareness in the Music Industry

This comprehensive and engaging one-day course has been accredited by CPD. You will learn about the mental health issues that arise within the music industry. You’ll also learn the skills to better support yourself and others.

It’s so incredibly important that we raise awareness of mental health in all walks of life. However, it’s important to recognise that the music industry comes with its own unique issues; lifestyle, the nature of creativity, a constant struggle to ‘make it’, job insecurity, poor pay and working conditions.

There’s a real need to talk about mental health and help people feel they’re not alone and to know that in fact, there are many others who feel like them.

Together we really can make a difference with education and care for one another.

A little about me

I work as a counsellor and have worked for many different organisations over the years. I wanted to get as much experience with different clients as possible and help as many people with their mental health as I could. I have always struggled on and off with my own mental health and feel privileged to have the skills and qualifications to make this my living.

I developed this course in part through many conversations and fine tuning this course with musician friends and mental health professionals alike. I’m proud to have this opportunity to share my unique finding with you.

I regularly speak on panels around mental health in the music industry. I’m approached by musicians and music industry professionals all over the world needing support. I’m also contacted by other professionals in mental health wanting to branch out into the music industry. I’ve interviewed for so many dissertations, I’ve lost count!

I’m looking forward to sharing this course with you.  Click here to find out more about this course.

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