I Want To Talk About Something…But I Don’t Know What To Say!

Ideally therapy is a two person process. When you have made the big decision to undergo counselling your therapist should allow  you to feel comfortable with bringing your personal material to the room even if you don’t initially understand what that personal material is actually all about.

This is Matt Cahills topic for his Downtown Therapy blog. He discusses the fact that there is often a strong urge to share and talk about our feelings when in therapy  however  the thing you want to talk about is less clear. Matt writes: “We can only partially describe what’s on our mind – in fact, it may not involve the mind at all, but emotions that seem detached from thoughts.” 

If this resonates with you why not take a look at Matt’s article?

I Want To Talk About Something…But I Don’t Know What To Say! – Downtown Therapy Blog.


Ian Tomlinson

I am the Director of the Affinity Centre and provide therapy and counselling in Wilmslow for straight and gay individuals and couples. My intention is to support you in making the changes you want in your life so you can feel happier, more contented and at peace in the world.

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