Grow a Key Inner Strength

There are people we meet that seem to have it; that inner strength that enables them to cope with all that life throws at them. Rick Hanson writing for begins by talking about the issues that all of us may face in our lifetimes. Whether these issues are to do with our health,  our well being or our lives in general we need  sufficient resources to help us to deal with them. In this article Rick focuses on the resources in our minds; our inner strengths.  He provides suggestions about how we can grow these inner strengths  so that we can cope with any issue that comes along.

Grow a Key Inner Strength.


Ian Tomlinson

I am the Director of the Affinity Centre and provide therapy and counselling in Wilmslow for straight and gay individuals and couples. My intention is to support you in making the changes you want in your life so you can feel happier, more contented and at peace in the world.

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