What is Solution Focused Therapy?

Written by Alun Parry Solution Focused Therapy (SF) is a powerful, evidence based approach. It was developed in Milawukee in the 1980s by a team of radical therapists that included Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg. It differs from traditional therapy approaches in many ways. For instance, the solution focused approach is mainly future…

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How Can Psychotherapy And Counselling Help You?

Psychotherapy in Manchester

Many of us are inclined to quash our feelings down, to repress emotion rather than express it. Studies show that this can have a negative impact on your body — those who repress are more likely to have high blood pressure (which is connected or many other conditions including stress) and be more agitated and…

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10 Ways To Control Your Anger

Anger management manchester

Each week we look at one of the common psychotherapy issues, explaining how you can regain control your emotions and use them constructively. This week we’re looking at anger, another perfectly natural emotion and very much a part of being human. Anger is pretty straight-forward: something happens that makes you angry, you express your anger…

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Dealing With Jealousy

jealousy issues Manchester

I have lot’s of experience with jealousy.  It’s the issue that brought me into therapy nearly twenty years ago.  I wrote a blog post  about jealously a couple of years ago (which you can read here) and that has resulted in many individuals with jealousy issues seeking me out to work with me.  I have…

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Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Counselling

gay, lesbian and bisexual counselling manchester

Having counselling is a personal and profound event in the lives of the people who undergo this journey.  What you want from your counsellor  is someone who understands where you’ve come from and can make sense of the social context in which you live. Be taken account of Being gay, lesbian or bisexual is just…

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