Anger Management Course

anger management in Wilmslow near manchesterAnger can be a useful emotion when you need it to push you to do something that needs to be done or change a situation that is frustrating you.  It’s an emotion we all feel.  When anger gets to be the only way you express your emotions or a regular feature of the way you are living your life then it may be time to sort it out and look at what’s going on for you.

The cost of Anger

Anger can cost relationships, cause hurt and pain for your loved ones and work colleagues and, if it transcends into violence cause physical damage to objects, other people or yourself.  But you have a choice.  You can control your behaviour even though you are feeling angry.

What  will the the Anger Management Course cover?

  • New ways of thinking about your thinking
  • How to connect with your emotions more fully
  • An opportunity to identify what really matters in your life and what your anger might cost you
  • Strategies for how you can behave differently when you feel the red mist rising
  • An opportunity to learn about how you tick as a human being and how you can use this information to behave differently
  • Time to talk to other people who have issues with anger and learn that you’re not alone with this

How does the course work?

Each two hour session will involve exercises, discussion, education about anger and the human condition and personal work that you will conduct in small groups or individually.  You will be given homework to do between sessions but you get to choose whether you do this or not.

What theories will I learn on the course?

The course will be using Transactional Analysis and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy as the main models to help give you another way of understanding your behaviour.  There will be no technical language and most things will also be backed up with easy to understand diagrams (pictures speak a thousand words).

When, where, how much?

The course will run on Thursday evenings every fortnight for eight sessions.  It will start from January 2015 once we have enough people signed up to run it effectively.  There will be a limit of eight people on the course to make it personal and give participants an opportunity to form trusting relationships with the others on the course.

The cost of the course will be £400.  This covers all eight weeks and is payable  at the start of the course or in monthly installments of £100 a month.  If you decide to sign up though you will be contracted to pay for the entire course whether you attend or not.  There is a £50 non-returnable deposit on signup.

The course will run in the group room at The Affinity Centre, Wilmslow.

How do I sign up?

Just contact the centre using this form or phone/text me on 01625 529099.

I can’t do Thursday nights but I am interested – what can I do?

Contact the centre or phone on 01625 529099 and let’s talk about it.


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